Hi, Russians! tell me about your country!

Hi, Russians! tell me about your country!

hi. I'm from Russia. did you know that in Russia all people ride bears and drink vodka?

we drink vodka a lot and proud of our mother russia

Hi, My name is Art Gasparov and I am from Russia. I know that in our modern world there are a lot of people who don't know a lot about our country. I faced with this when I was working as a diplomat in Algeria. Actually I have been working there for 5 years so i had a lot of discussion and conversation with native Algerians about my country. Most of all foreigneres are interested whether all rummors about Russians are true. Most popular rimors were like if really all Russians drink vodka, or if there are real bears on Red Square (center of the capital Moscow) or does Russian mafia control the country. There was also a lot of simple and interesting question to discuss, such as if really it is too cold in Russia, is our country the biggest in the world, do Russians like Americans etc.

I think that it is almost impossible to describe or tell about Russia in one topic, but any way I want to mention some kind of truth information about my country. Russians a simple and good people like all other nations in the world. Inside our country there are difficulties but every country has difficulties so I don't think it is good to put a special emphasis on our inner or external issues. What is more interesting is to learn about our history, traditions, way of life etc.
I can advise you some links where you can find good and truthfull information about Russia.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russia basic information
http://www.rus-a.com/ this extensive information guide to Moscow and Russia where you can find good tips, secrets and information about lifestyle and traditions
https://www.mos.ru/ official website of Moscow - the capital of Russia, avaliable in English. If you are going to Moscow you definitely need to check these webpages.
I wish this information may be useful for you.

gedeon, don't believe the myths about Russia. Russians are secret but very nice and communicated people.

Ukraine, it is Russia? I'm from Russia but I dont drink.

There are meny beautiful plases in our country, just come to us and you'll see